Marathon final info

Morning Folks, well, how things can change in a week. Fresh snow on Pisa this morning. It’ll all be gone by lunch time but it’s a good reminder NOT to be complacent just because the weather was so hot last year or a few good days this year.

I went around the course on Tuesday, I had my lightweight puffer jacket and my rain proof both on for the top of Pisa.

So, looking at the forecast – good news and bad news!
Good news is, it will not be as hot as last year! Looks like you’ll have a nice wind to blow you up Pisa and possibility of a gentle sprinkling of rain to lessen your over-heating. Yay!
Bad news – back to the original gear list.
Compulsory gear will be checked at registration Two top thermal layers plus a seam sealed water proof jacket, thermal leggings, warm hat/thirband, gloves, survival blanket.

You will also need to carry up to 1L water for some sections of the race and you really should bring some of your own nutrition.

You should not need a Headlight unless you are walking and expect to take over 8hrs.

NO registrations on the Friday. All pre race registrations at the Snow Farm from 11am- 12.45pm

1pm race start.

Same 10km loop around the southern Snow farm tracks to begin with then about 3km’s after leaving the Snow farm lodge for the second time you will take a turn to your right up the Kirtle Burn track. This runs parallel to the old route but being in a valley it is more sheltered from the weather and you have the most beautiful water you can safely drink straight out of the stream beside you. It also saves you 1.6km! No, I don’t know why I haven’t done this before! Thanks Mal Law for the recommendation.

We will walk you 400m away from the lodge to start you off + the 1.6km saving up the Kirtleburn means the course this year is back to spot on 42kms!

There will be another full aid station near the top of the mountain just out of ‘Sally’s Pinch’. Then the long 20ks of down hill takes you to the finish. One more water stop half way down.

LOTS of the course is quite rough under foot so you really need to watch where you’re going and NOT be looking at the scenery (a runner fell 3 years ago and dislocated his shoulder – keep your eyes front and centre!) Hopefully it’ll be cloudy (and cool) so you won’t see anything anyway.

There is food and refreshments awaiting you at the finish. Free Beer and Hot chips after 8pm to encourage you to hang around and cheer on the late finishers!

Prise giving 7pm at the finish area.

Late entries will be accepted on Saturday at the Snow Farm.
There are no places left available on the bus.

See you Saturday!
Terry Davis
Highland Events Ltd
021 284 6844

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