Race Director Terry Davis


Course designer Grant Guise

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    • Yes we do still have a couple of spots to fill – you keen? Please email me your cell number and I’ll be in touch.


  1. Hi Terry, I am considering doing the Ultra Easy 100 in 2016 and I am wondering if the briefing on the Friday will be strictly starting at 6.00pm, because we can’t leave Dunedin until 3.15pm because of schooling commitments, what happens if you are late to this.
    Also looking at some of the video’s, is it clearly marked because I am worried about getting lost on the course and I don’t want 100km turning into 150km lol.
    Debbie Elliman


    • Hi Debbie – yeh we have a later briefing for the late arrivals – we still have the main one at 6 so the majority can get away and rest up before the early start!

      Yes the course is very well marked. No-one got lost this year!

      Thanks very much for your interest. We look forward to seeing you next January!


  2. Hi Terry
    Is there a map of the ultra from start to finish, in detail. I don’t know the area so I would like to know how to get to the Mt Iron start and where it comes out to head to Wanaka.


  3. Hi Terry The second leg of the Ultra Easy 100 – Do you actually run up the Mt Roy track? I want to do this race in Jan 2016 but if I had to run up that track I think it would blow my legs for the remainder of the run.


    • The trail does indeed go up the Mt Roy track. However you do not need to run up any of the hills. I would seriously encourage you NOT to run any up. Save you’re running for the flat and the gentle downs (walk the steep downs too)

      Getting to the top of Mt Roy as the sun rises was an absolute stunner for the ‘runners’ (competitors) this year.


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