Q: Is there a T-Shirt?

A: Yep – $40 extra, select as you go through the entry process.

2016 BE Tshirt front and back

Q: How much water do we need to carry?

A: There will be water and electrolyte 6ks from the finish, 6km further back at the woolshed, then about every 10km through the rest of the course. Except for those doing the 100k coming off Mt. Alpha about 13k between water from top to bottom. Also 15k between water from start at Albert Town Tavern to Bottom of Roys Peak track.

Q: Do I have to carry minimum gear?

A: The temperature most likely will change by 20 degrees (at least) throughout the race and the potential for it to snow at anytime of the year is quite plausible. Therefore Compulsory gear will be checked at registration Two top thermal layers plus a seam sealed water proof jacket, thermal leggings, warm hat/thirband, gloves, whistle, survival blanket. You will need a Headlight too and reflective pack/vest for running through town at 3am.

Q: None of the race  options seem “EASY”, whats with the name?

A: The name stems from the original idea of a BIG EASY mountain bike race (to buck the trend of all the ‘challenges’ and ‘epic’s out there. People then asked to run it so we added the Big Easy Mountain Marathon. Recently the 100k option has been added and we are sticking with the “Easy”theme, hence the ‘Ultra Easy’ 100…

Q: 3am race start?

A: Many times for the race start have been thrown around, but we settled on 3am for a few reasons. Everyone should get to see a great sunrise while climbing Roys Peak; it ties in well with the new 11am Big Easy Marathon start time and those course marshals; we wanted a 20hr cut-off and 11pm was as late as we wanted- so 3am is as late was we can start.

Q: 20hr cutoff?!

A: There sure is! Well the Ultra Easy is certainly harder than some ultra options in NZ, it is not the hardest neither. We don’t want this to actually be easy, nor impossible to achieve. The 20hr cutoff is there to motivate you, to keep you always moving forward.

Q: Are there Aid Stations and drop bags?

A: Yes- see below for details. Note- drop bags are only available for those doing the Ultra Easy 100km.

Aid stations- Full- SOS or Horley’s replace Electrolyte, water, chips/pretzels, bananas, lollies. Basic- water. Drop bags must be clearly marked with race # and name. These need to be packed and left at the Albert Town Tavern on Friday night by 6pm!

  • Start of Leg 2/Bottom Roys peak (15km)- Full + drop bags
  • Mt Alpha- Basic
  • Start of Leg 3/ Cardrona Valley (38km) – Full + drop bags
  • Little Criffle- Basic
  • Start of Leg 4/ Bob Lee Hut- Full (60km) + drop bags
  • Mt Pisa- Basic
  • Lake McKay- Basic
  • Start of Leg 5/Lake McKay Station Woolshed (87km)- Full + drop bags
  • Stevenson Rd (5km to go)- Basic

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