Course Maps/Photos

The Ultra Easy 100km Solo and Relay course.

Click on links below to see facebook albums from course and for course maps/profiles on Strava.

Start: End of Kingan Road. Luggate. – There will be a Port-a-loo at the start.

Leg 1 to Albert Town, .  Map to aid station and relay change. 14km from the start. First basic Aid station. Relay change over. Good public access.

Leg 2: to Roys Peak car park. Photos, . 15km from Albert Town. Full aid station. Relay change leg 2. Drop bags number 1. Good public Access

Leg 3: to Cardrona Valley. Photos, map. 23km from Roys Peak car park. Water and pies half way (Mt Alpha) Full aid station at Cardrona Valley. Relay change point, Drop bag number 2. Good public access.

Leg 4: to Snow Farm Lodge. Photos,

22km from Cardrona Valley. Water half way. Full aid station at Snow Farm Lodge. Relay change point, Drop bag number 3. Public access via a 12k wide dirt mountain road.

Leg 5: to the  Finish (Luggate).  34km – Full aid station after 14km just past Sally’s Pinch, another water station 10km from the finish. Finish has food and refreshments. (No public access along this last section of the course).

Aid stations- Full- Horley’s electrolyte, water, chips/pretzels, bananas, lollies. Basic- water. Drop bags must be clearly marked with race # and name. These need to be packed and left at the Albert Town Tavern on Friday night.

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