Supporters info

There are great positions to view/support your runners out on course.

Full maps below. Here is the order they will be passing through aid stations that you can visit them on. Download a high res PDF here to get clearer directions.

You are welcome to interact with your runner at these points only. Please park appropriately (off the road and out of the way of the aid station and warning signage)

3am – Race start at Albert Town Tavern

4.30am – 5.30 Mt Roy Track Car Park

7am – 11am Cardrona

There is no supporter access to Bob Lee Hut or Top of Mt Pisa unfortunately. Next available spot is

12.30 – 9pm Lake McKay Woolshed

1pm – 10pm River Trail.

This event map is available for use on a smartphone using the PDFMaps app. It runs on Android or iOS (iPhones & iPads) and lets you display the event map in detail and see exactly where you are on it. You don’t need to be within mobile phone range to use the map as it’s stored locally.  Click map for all info



3 thoughts on “Supporters info

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just wondering if supporters are allowed to walk into the Bob Lee Hut, I see it says there is no access, but it seems strange that a pacer is allowed to come in, but not a supporter/crew. Is this a land owner issue?


    • Yeh it’s a tricky one… there is no public vehicle access to Bob Lee hut though the marshal there will be ferrying relay runners and pacers from the Lodge to the Aid Station (at Bob lee).

      Supporters are very welcome to walk or MTB from the Lodge, down through the SnowFarm to Meg Creek and up the track parallel to the creek to the course and then up the hill to Bob Lee.

      The Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds must be avoided. If they see randoms walking through there it could make future access very difficult!



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